An Update on “ABOUT ME”

A little about me (in survey form)….

First name: Nicole

Middle name: Marie

Named after anyone: I get my middle name from my Auntie Anna. My first name comes from the former soap opera “The Edge of Night” after the character Nicole Drake. The spelling of my nickname “Nikki” comes from the daytime soap opera “The Young and the Restless” after the character Nikki Newman.

Nicknames: Nikki, Nik, Pickle, Noodle, Bunny, Lady, Rainbow Brite

Age: 39

Birth date: August 3, 1977

Birthplace: Chisholm, Minnesota (last baby born in the Chisholm hospital)

Time you were born: Appx 2:40am

Current location: West Bloomington, Minnesota

Height: 5’3”

Eye color: Hazel (sometimes they turn green…no joke)

Contacts/glasses: Glasses

Hair color: Blonde

Natural hair color: Blonde

Dye your hair often: No.

Married, Divorced, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Single? Single, and dating.

Righty or lefty? Righty

Favorite Book: The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

Favorite Type of music: Alternative

Favorite Band or singer: Butch Walker

Favorite TV show: Orphan Black and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Favorite Movie: Dead Poets Society – Les Miserables (the musical movie) – The King’s Speech – Newsies – Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Favorite Disney Movie: Bedknobs and Broomisticks!!!!!

Favorite TV channel: Investigation Discovery

Favorite Radio station: GO96.3

Favorite Place to be: On a lake

Favorite Thing to do: Be in nature. Cuddle with Princess. Hang out with Chole. Spend time with Framily. Play cornhole – even though I’m not great at it…it’s still fun. Go to the Renaissance Festival. Go see live music. See a play/musical.

Favorite Food: Fried PB&J sandwiches.

Favorite Non alcoholic drink: Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks.

Favorite Alcoholic drink: Sex on the Beach

Favorite Animal: Cat. Big or small. I love cats!

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Favorite Day of the week: Sunday – it’s just a nice relaxing day.

Favorite Season: Football! Oh wait, you meant like spring or fall seasons…I LOVE Fall!

Favorite Sport: Football. But I like to watch a lot of sports and even play some.

Favorite Place to shop: The Outlet Malls…lol

Favorite Scent: The smell after it rains – everything smells clean. There’s this smell when you are at the lake and you wake up early in the morning…just as the sun is rising…the steam is coming off the lake…I can’t describe it…but you step outside and it hits you…I love that smell.

Favorite Restaurant (fast food or sit down): I don’t really eat out much anymore…hmm…probably Sammy’s Pizza, Snicker’s Pizza or Pizza Lucé.

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries, Blueberries and Raspberries.

Favorite Vegetable: Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Grilled Asparagus.

Favorite Pizza topping: Cheese. lol I like other toppings but cheese is my all-time fave.

Favorite Ice cream flavor: Organic Blueberry from The Bent Spoon in Princeton, NJ (OMG…they have THE BEST ice cream EVER)

Favorite Magazine: Real Simple

Favorite Website (other than Facebook or Pinterest): Buzzfeed

Favorite City: Philladelphia, PA and Duluth, MN

Favorite Color: Orange, Yellow and Pink

Favorite Number: 3

Chocolate or vanilla: Swirl

Pepsi or coke: Coke

Hot or cold: Cold

Black or white: Black

Dog or cat: Cat

French toast or pancakes: French Toast

French fries or onion rings: French Fries

Hamburger or hot dog: Depends on where I am…NYC – Hot Dog (they have THE BEST).

Pepperoni or sausage: Pepperoni

Hug or kiss: Depends on who the person is.

Movies or TV: Movies

Truth or dare: Dare. I’ve done and know too much for truth at this point in my life. lol

Are You Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered? Straight, but not narrow.

Do You Have a Religion? I don’t follow just one.

Do You Read Magazines? Not unless I’m bored or in the hospital.

Do you like to sing? Usually.

Do You Like to dance? Most of the time.

Do You Talk to yourself? Quite a lot, actually.

Do You Play an instrument? I play piano, but not well.

Do You Go to school? The school of life.

Do You/Did You Go to college? Yes…and I graduated with a 3.89 GPA in Audio Engineering and Music Business.

Do You Have a job? Yes.

Do You Like your job? I like the people I work with and the company I work for. However, I do not feel challenged or that my skills are put to use in my position.

Do You Want to get married? When I find the right person, yes.

Do You Want to have kids? None of my own. If the person I fall for has children, great. And I may change my mind when I meet the man of my dreams…I may decide I want to have children with him. But at this point in my life, I don’t want any of my own children. I’d be happy being step-mom. And momma to my furkid.

Do You Get along with your parents? Yes.

Do You Get along with your siblings? I was close to my brother (he passed in August of 2010) and I miss him every day. I get along with my sister.

Do you think you’re trustworthy? Yes…I wasn’t when I was younger…but I am now.

Think your funny? I used to think I was hilarious…now I have realized I’m only funny to my 7 year old niece.

Ever toilet papered someones house? Yes. In High School.

Gone garbage can tipping? That’s just wrong.

What are your parents names? Olga Zorrianna and Michael Dale

Siblings names: Richard and Adreana

Collect anything? Postcards…I love them. I have people pick me up postcards when they go on trips! I think it’s because I wish I could travel to all the places I have postcards for, but I just can’t afford it. So the postcard is the next best thing.

Ever been in love? Yes.

In love right now? Nope.

Ever had your heartbroken? Yes.

Ever broken the law? Yes.

Been arrested? Nope.

Been out of the country? Yes – Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

Would you ever get plastic surgery? Yes, I would like a bubbie lift – preferably from Dr. Terry Dubrow.

Do you like to laugh? Absolutely!!!!!!!

Have you ever caught a fish? Yep…many. I grew up fishing.

What was the last thing you ate? A slice of bacon.

What time do you go to bed? On the weekdays it’s usually around 9:30. Weekends – I try to stay up a little later…because it’s the weekend. But Princess usually starts pestering me around 10pm because she likes to keep a schedule.

Do you like to give or receive? Give

Are you obsessed with anything/anyone? Nope. Not even Jared Leto.

Do you live alone? Nope…I live with Ms. Sarah. My bestie.

Do you own a blender? No, I do not.

Do you like the snow? Love it….as long as I’m not driving in it.

Ever been up a mountain? I HAVE!!! Utah and Europe. I love love love mountains.

Do you like surprises? As long as they are good ones…yes.

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes.

Do You believe in the afterlife? Not necessarily a “life” but I do believe that our spirits move on.

Do You believe in Aliens? I think it would be rather egotistical to think the only sort of intelligent life is in our universe on our planet. But I don’t think they look the way we think they do.

Do You believe in God? Yes.

Do You believe in the devil? I don’t believe there is one all-powerful devil. No. I do believe in evil…I do believe in evil spirits.

Do You Believe in Heaven? I believe in a sort of heaven.

Do You Believe in Hell? I’m not so sure if I believe in the Christian version of hell. I do think there could be a purgatory of some sort…but I don’t think it’s a place you go if you don’t believe in Christ as your Savior.

Do You Believe in Scientology? No. No. No.

Do You Believe in Hinduism? I don’t know enough about it to say yes or no.

Do You believe in Buddhism? Yes.

Do You believe in Christianity? Yes.

Do You believe in Judaism? Parts of it.

Do You Believe in Jesus? Yes.

Are you an Atheist or Agnostic? No.

Do You Believe in Reincarnation? The jury is still out on this one.

Have you been on an airplane before? Yes.

Where were you going? Florida, Europe, Utah, Nevada, Jersey, Colorado

Have you ever partied in another country? In Germany…I went to the bar with my host brother and his friends and we partied.

Have you ever gone on a road-trip with your friends? Heck yes! I love road trips!!!

Ever broken a bone? Nope.

Ever had to stay in the hospital for more than a week? Unfortunately, many times.

Ever had serious surgery? When I had the giant MRSA infection taken out.

Ever went to one of those “adult” stores? lol Yes. Sex World is a fascinating place…especially when you’re a 21 year old virgin! lol

Ever bought clothes at Walmart? I have.

Ever gotten clothes from the Salvation Army or Goodwill? Yes, no shame. I love shopping at Goodwill.

Ever paid more than 100 dollars for a pair of jeans? Never.

Ever been on stage for any reason? Many of them…for all sorts of reasons.

Ever been in a play? Many of them.

Ever been in a choir? Quite a few of them.

Waxed your eyebrows? A few times.

Waxed your legs? No. I barely shave them…no need to, the hair doesn’t really grow on my legs.

So there you have it. Me, in a nutshell.🙂 If you wanna know anything else, just ask!


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