Egg Beater Jumbo Egg Cupcakes FREEZABLE!

All sorts of goodness here and not a whole lot of calories or fat...and they are filling!!

All sorts of goodness here and not a whole lot of calories or fat…and they are filling!!

Okay folks…so yes…I’ve been experimenting more with the egg beater muffins. I also realize I haven’t updated this site since November! WHAT!? I’ve been cooking and living life…but just haven’t updated. Whoops!!

Anyway…after making the egg muffins for Charming…I noticed that even though he got 18 he went through them pretty quickly and they were pretty small for a guy who likes to eat a bit more than I do for breakfast. We also agreed that the turkey sausage I used in the last batch overpowered the taste of everything else. Sooo…even though he is a total carnivore (no, really…like total carnivore) we decided that maybe a veggie version would be best. So that’s what these are.

Keep in mind you will need a JUMBO cupcake tin and you can use whatever veggies you choose to use! Go crazy! The more color the better!!


What You Need:

Jumbo Cupcake Pan

Non-Stick Spray

2 Cartons of Egg Beaters


Cheese – Optional

Hashbrowns – Optional

Cooked Meat – Optional (but to save on fat and calories…use turkey sausage)


1) Chop up your veggies (this could take some time…so sit down at the table, grab a mimosa or whatever and watch some tele while you chop) If you are using mushrooms…don’t cut them too small or you can’t taste them what-so-ever (bummer)

2) If you are adding meat – cook your meat. (if you want a little kick…throw some Frank’s in there while you cook the meat…it will add some heat and some great flavor…but again, it may overpower everything else so be light on the sauce)

3) If you are adding hashbrowns – cook them. No really…cook them well or they will taste like they are uncooked. Been there, done that. No fun!

4) Preheat the oven to 425°

5) Depending on the veggies…I usually throw them in a pan that’s been sprayed with PAM and cook them a little. But it’s up to you. I’ve thrown them in raw, too.

6) Spray your cupcake tin with PAM or whatever non-stick spray you use.

7) Spoon in your filling…no more than half full, though or it will not work very well.

8) Pour in the Egg Beaters liquid leaving about a 1/4 of an inch at the top.

9) Add salt and pepper (I heavy hand the pepper…not the salt…but it’s all up to you)

10) Stir up mixture so that the salt and pepper are evenly distributed.

11) Pop into the oven for (and no, I’m not joking here) about 40 minutes. (They will look like they are going to spill over…you can put a pan underneath but I’ve never had spillage)

12) When they are done cooking…let them sit in the pan for about 5 minutes (as they will “fall”) then take them out and either serve them immediately or see remaining steps for freezing them.

This should make about 17 cupcakes.

How to Freeze:

1) Let cool completely on a paper towel. And I do mean COMPLETELY.

2) Take plastic wrap (yes, plastic wrap…not foil…or parchment paper) and wrap each cupcake separately and as tightly as you can.

3) Place them all in a large baggy and toss into the freezer.

How to reheat from frozen:

1) Leave in plastic wrap and place on a microwave safe plate.

2) Heat on HIGH for 2 minutes on one side.

3) Flip over and heat on HIGH for 2 more minutes on the other side.

*Sometimes it takes a bit longer…just check it for your desired level of hotness. 🙂

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!! I sometimes cut mine up and throw into a tortilla with some cheese, salsa and a dab of sour cream…SOOO GOOD!! Or cut them in half (horizontally), toast an english muffin, put a slice of cheese on there and walla – a breakfast sandwich! I know Charming just eats his as is…no cheese, no toppings…just pops them into his mouth and goes.

Thanks for checking this out…and as usual…let me know what you think!!



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