Healthier Egg Muffins – SO GOOD!

Chicken Sausage, Mushrooms, Cheese and Egg Beaters -Less than 1 carb per muffin and low in fat and calories!

Chicken Sausage, Mushrooms, Cheese and Egg Beaters -Less than 1 carb per muffin and low in fat and calories! And they still taste good…WHAT!?!

So a few weeks ago I went to the doctor and I found out I had gained TWELVE POUNDS in 6 weeks. Yes….you read that correctly…TWELVE POUNDS in SIX WEEKS. What the hell was I eating?? I have NO idea. So I went back and thought about it (and checked my bank card…because we all know there had to be a lot of fast food in there). And sure enough…it was a lot of fast food. Mostly McDonald’s breakfast and Taco Bell or Arby’s for lunch. And then I also realized…there were days I skipped lunch and/or breakfast all together. Way to slow your metabolism and make your body think it’s starving, Nik. Blah! So my bestie/roommate and I decided after Labor Day (we had things planned so that’s why we decided that was the day) we were cleaning up our diets. And I was going to not only eat better, but eat more regularly. I also had to put a kibosh on the super sugary sodas (that means you, Mountain Dew). So I decided it was time to get back to making my weekly Egg Muffins but I didn’t want to use ham or bacon (those are really high in fat and cholesterol…not to mention calories) but I knew I wanted some type of meat. So off to the Food Library (aka Super Target) I went in search of some good meat. (No I will not use turkey bacon…I hate the taste…and the texture. It’s nasty. If you like it…more power to you…I hate it. HATE it.) And there it was…as if the Food Angels had lit it up and then guided me to it….Jimmy Dean’s Delights Apple Wood Smoked Chicken Sausage Links. Precooked. But then I remembered what I had heard a nutritionist say about chicken sausage (FAT FAT FAT)…so I checked it out. Nope. Not bad. In 3 links of the sausage there were only 8 grams of fat, 120 calories, 3 carbs and 10g protein. I knew I would only use 6 links…and they would be chopped up and split into 12 muffins. (All math has been done and I will put it at the end so you know what you’re eating). So I knew this would actually work out!! So here’s the recipe with the nutrition at the end. ENJOY!!

What You Need:

1 12 cup muffin tin

Non-Stick Spray

Medium Non-Stick Pan

6 Jimmy Dean Delights Apple Wood Chicken Sausage LINKS (get the links not the patties) (they come in a pack of twelve…so you’ll have six to use for the next batch)

3 Cups of Egg Beaters (I get the whole egg egg beaters…I need the flavor of the yolk.)

1 Package of Mushrooms (or any other veggie you prefer…I just love mushrooms)

1 Package of Fine Cut Sargento Sharp Cheddar Cheese (I used 1 1/4 cups…you might use less)

Sea Salt



Preheat your oven to 425° F

Wash your mushroom (I ALWAYS get fresh cut mushrooms…never canned)

Spray your non-stick frying pan with Non-Stick Spray

Cut up your mushrooms into very small bits and set aside.

Cut up your sausage links into small bits and set aside.

Turn your burner to medium and place frying pan on it. Let it warm up for about 1 minute.

Take your mushrooms and sausage bits and place them in the frying pan. Cook for about 5 minutes, or until the mushrooms are nice and browned.

While they are cooking, spray each muffin circle with the non-stick spray.

Take a spoonful of the mushroom and sausage mixture and place it into each muffin circle. Using all the mixture. I usually start adding less and then go back and add more once I have all circles filled to make it more even.

Shake your egg beater carton before opening it. Then pour the egg beater up until there is about 1/4 of an inch left at the top of each muffin circle.

Add some salt and pepper (or they will be INCREDIBLY bland).

Now take some cheese and sprinkle it on top. Here’s where I MUST measure my cheese out or I will go NUTSO. I love cheese. Too much. So I had to measure it out. Like I said, I used 1 1/4 cups and divided that between 12 muffin circles.

Once the cheese is on top…pop them lovelies into the oven for 20 minutes. Do not fret if you take a look and they are popping WAY over the tin. They will not spill over and as soon as you take them out..they fall. BIG TIME. So just let them cook and don’t worry about them.

While they are cooking…do the dishes. It’s enough time and you’re not tempted to eat handfuls of cheese left in the bag! LOL

After 20 minutes is up…take them out and let them sit for 10 minutes. You can then serve them right away or…you can do what I do. Pop them into a ziplock baggie and take 2 out at a time to eat for breakfast at work. (I pop them into the microwave for about 2 minutes)

And as promised…here is the nutritional breakdown.

Serving Size = 1 Muffin

Calories – 67.92

Fat – 5.08

Carbohydrates – .50

Protein – 4.38


As opposed to an Egg White Delight from McDonalds

Calories – 250

Fat – 8

Carbs – 30

Protein – 18

(sure there is more protein…but the carbs and calories are MUCH higher…and you know that it’s not cooked on the same stove top as bacon or something cooked in butter or oil)


Hopefully you like these as much as I do!! Let me know what you think!!!



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