February Musings



This is my snazzy new car! It’s a 2013 Hyundai Accent…brand spanking new. Only had 19 miles on it when I bought it. I love it. It has heated seats, remote start, XM Satellite Radio and it’s cute! lol So why the new car? Well…I crashed my other car. Yep…it was totaled. Someone t-boned me. I was so bummed…I loved my Jetta. But alas, everything happens for a reason…and thanks to Sarah I was able to get this gem! 

So how is everything else going? Pretty well. The job is great. Seriously…it’s great. I actually like coming to work. My boss is a different sort of fellow (sings random songs about pretty much everything, dances around, jokes with people…and picks on me as much as I pick on him). It’s fun to come to work. And I like that. No drama!!! YAY!! 

My health is getting better…my coughing is much better thanks to the folks at Fairview. 

Still single. Which is fine. I’m not even dating. I kind of like being single. It’s just easier to deal with life when you’re single. I have my family and friends for support so I’m good. When it’s the right time…I’ll start dating again. 

This winter has been harsh. We’ve had 20 more inches of snow than we average by this time each year. So it’s been crazy. And it’s been sub-zero temps constantly. Not fun. So the snow does not melt between snow falls…so the snow piles just keep getting bigger and bigger. BLAH! I’m soooooo ready for Spring. But then again, isn’t everyone?? 🙂 

Well…back to work I go. 

Much love and God Bless!


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