December Life…

Winter Trees







Well, things have been interesting to say the least…I haven’t been cooking as much (as I’m sure you’ve noticed from the lack of posts since November 3rd). I was working hard to find a new job. I started at the old job in April 2013…but it quickly became quite a hostile work environment. I had to leave. I started lightly looking for a new job in July but then really got down to business in September. Before I put in my two-week notice in November, 2 people who had just started working there AFTER I started just walked out. They were done. They’d had enough. I was talked about (behind my back) because of my cough…asking people if I should be moved or if they wanted to be moved because of how “distracting” it was. And then, even after I explained it was because of my asthma, I was told to “get that cough fixed”. At this point I had already been interviewing for jobs, but that’s when I knew it was just going to get worse. I sent out an e-mail explaining that I had Brittle Asthma Type 1…that basically I can get sick at any time for any reason and usually medication doesn’t help. I explained my situation over the past ten years and what I’d gone through. Most everyone were empathetic to my plight, while others still didn’t shut up about my cough. I interviewed for one company…and knew I wanted to work there. I prayed SO HARD that I would get that job…and I did. So here I sit from my new desk at my new job…where no one comments on my “distracting” cough…and is kind and friendly. No one is walking on egg shells for ANYONE. It’s so refreshing! AND I can have a radio!!!! WOOT WOOT! My boss is great. He’s a nice guy, and I’m very happy to be working for him. Everyone else has been great as well…even wishing me AND Princess a Merry Christmas. I really do like it here, and I’m so thankful that God heard and answered my prayers. 🙂

So I spent Christmas with Sarah and her aunt Bonnie and Uncle Don and all their kids and grandkids this year. I didn’t have any time off for Christmas except for Christmas Day, so they invited me over. And it was AWESOME! I felt so welcomed and included. It really was great. I have loved Don and Bonnie since I met them…and the same with their kids. They are all wonderful people. Like genuinely kind people. Hard to find now-a-days. But truly…they are all so nice and open. It will be a cherished Christmas always for me.

I won’t be up north to see family until probably late January. But that’s okay…they don’t seem to mind. They miss me, but they all understand.

Life is good. It can be a bit stressful at times, but it’s been good. My asthma  has been a beast lately…coughing like CRAZY…especially at night and in the early morning. It’s awful. But I know it’s just “that time of year” for me…but hopefully I’ll be able to stay out of the hospital.

Have to say I’m pretty happy about Utah’s gay marriage law being overturned and deemed unconstitutional. It’s pretty rad to hear that all people there can now get married. Even those that were refusing to hand out marriage certificates were ordered by a federal judge to do so, and have been complying. Also happy to hear that the polygamy law has been deemed unconstitutional as well. Bigamy is still illegal, but polygamy is not. What’s the difference you ask? Bigamy = having more than one “legal” wife…meaning you have marriage certificates for each wife. Polygamy = one “legal” wife and the rest are “spiritual” wives. Now, don’t get me wrong…I don’t agree with the FLDS offshoots of Warren Jeffs where it’s okay to marry a child and such. I mean, adults who CHOOSE their lifestyle freely. Like the Brown’s (from TLC’s Sister Wives). So I’m very happy to know that the people who are choosing that lifestyle as consenting adults are no longer in fear of being imprisoned.

Hmm…well, that’s about it for me. Just livin’ life and doing my best to do it with a smile as often as I can. I still have my bad days…but not as many as I used to. Things are finally starting to go down the right path for me…I feel like I’m starting off at step one, but at least I’m back on the right path.

Much love and God Bless.


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